Where to go on the beach in September and October ?

September and October are ideal to spend great holidays without the rush of the summer. But where can we find a nice place with a great warm weather at this time ? The best moment to discover Chiclana!

Why you should consider Chiclana de la Frontera as your best destination

Spending the summer in September is a luxury that everyone cannot afford. This month is still the favorite of many travelers to start the long-awaited vacations. When the majority of people have exhausted their days off and the return to routine begins, some privileged persons can rest.

If work demands or going back to school do not prevent you from going on vacation, the month of September is a great option. The high season gives its last blows, the crowds of August end, the cool of autumn is noticeable and also the prices have dropped. Reasons that make it more than interesting to consider traveling in September. 

At this time, beach destinations are still the favorites, southern Andalusia is one of the most popular destinations. Its pleasant and mild temperatures allow you to enjoy long days at the beach, endless sunsets or pleasant tourist walks.

Chiclana de la frontera in Spain is your ideal destination, this municipality of Cádiz has all the comforts to enjoy an incredible vacation. Beaches, nature, culture and gastronomy are the ingredients that make this Cadiz town the perfect place to travel in September. Do you want to know it?

Particularly if you are looking for beach destinations where to travel in September, Chiclana is your destination, get to know this small town in Cadiz that blends into the horizon on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

And here are the main reasons why...

Amazing Weather

In Chiclana the temperatures during September are very pleasant. The high temperatures of the months of July and August are decreasing and little by little give way to the well-known summerAnd it is that, although the thermometers begin to drop, the temperature is warm and remains stable.

Andalusia is known for having more than 300 days of sunshine a year, this is how it is noted in September, the sun shines and heats up almost 30 days of the month. We leave the summer solstice behind and as a sign the days get shorter and the afternoons begin to cool.

Do you want to know more about the weather in Chiclana ? Click here to find out more about the weather, all year round.

You will notice there is less heat, while benefiting from a warm weather, the temperatures are mild and pleasant, it is hot but not too hot.

Availability & Price

One of the great advantages of traveling in September is the availability and price.

The price for your stay drops considerably. According to a study, tourists who travel in September save up to 25% on the cost of their vacations, even more in October.

In addition to saving on the price of accommodation, you can also benefit from certain economic advantages. Restaurants, bars and shops, among other establishments, resort to offers and discounts to get the attention of visitors.

Enjoy the best without paying more, many of the travelers who choose September and October can do more with the same budget.


Undoubtedly one of the great attractions of the area, Chiclana has one of the best beaches in Spain, La Barrosa Beach, this beach is known nationally and internationally, with almost six kilometers of extension it is a beach of fine sand and clear waters. We can divide the beach into two zones, the urban one, and the virgin zone.

The urban part begins in La Barrosa, and is guarded by the promenade, where shops and restaurants are located to offer the best service to tourists. The virgin part begins from the hotel zone of Novo Sancti Petri and extends to the Loma del Puerco, border of the municipality with the neighboring town of Conil de la Frontera.

Although the weather allows you to enjoy the beach in September and October, it seems to be deserted, sunbathing and walking on a beach without crowds is another of the advantages that traveling in September offers .

Thanks to the warm temperatures, in September, the beaches of Chiclana continue to be a great attraction among visitors.


Travelling in September has many advantages :

  • Cheaper prices, we are normally aware of these savings since we spend what we have planned, but if you do the math you will see that the money spreads more than in the months of high season.
  • Flight prices, if you choose to travel by air or train, you are more likely to find lower prices outside of the typical holidays season.
  • Crowds, forget about queues, restaurant reservations or crowded beaches. September is a quiet season reserved for those who want to calmly enjoy their vacations. Anyway, know that LaBarrosa beach is a very large beach with all the space available to relax all year, as opposed to other spanish beaches.
  • Less planning, as there is less occupancy, you will not need to carry out an exhaustive planning of your stay. Take it easy and let it all flow as you go.

Welcome to Paradise!

Have you already made up your mind? Surely you have enough reasons to enjoy your September holidays in Chiclana. Now you just have to pack your suitcase and go to your expected destination. Of course with the characteristic calm of the month of September.

Where to Stay in Chiclana ?

If you are looking for a place to stay for your holidays or for a weekend, the best option is to stay at a place close to the beach, from beachfront to 500m, so that you can easily walk to the beach. 

If you choose the area of the "segunda pista" in the zone of Chiclana la Barrosa, you will benefit from the proximity of the restaurants and minimarkets as well.

Choose a house Bed and Breakfast that has all the comforts with private pool.

To find your place to stay in Chiclana, feel free to contact us as we have some availability in key areas, as well as contact with trusted real estate agency experts in the area of ​​La Barrosa and Novo Sancti Petri, for you to spend the best vacations of your life!

Click, specify the dates + number of persons + book your stay in Chiclana & enjoy!

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September and October are ideal to spend great holidays without the rush of the summer. But where can we find a nice place with a great warm weather at this time ? The best moment to discover Chiclana!

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